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Lovers turn into monsters at the last of their affection...

...almost like it was the affection that kept them from being monsters

Ronnie With A Why
30 January 1983
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this space was intentionally left blank.

i'm older than i look and i'm younger than i feel. i'm a first-born unicorn, a weeping vampire who sleeps all day and paces all night...i know you're tired, i know, but what if today was the last day on earth?

i enjoy reading horse stories, though for the vast majority of the populace, horse stories tend to read like porn written for 13-year-old girls. strangely enough, i'm as easily entertained as i am bored.

i am well aware that i babble on and on about certain subjects (or someones.) i'm in an obsessive phase. blame it on the moon.

..., a clockwork orange, abstract art, against me!, agent orange, angels, apple juice, bagels, beautiful eyes, biting, black, blank, bleeding, blood, blowjobs, bondage, boys born in september, bright eyes, bruises, capri sun, cats, cemeteries, chaos, cheese, chihuahuas, chocolate guilt, cky, conor oberst, converse shoes, crying, cuddles, cursive, dali, danger, demons, depression, desaparecidos, disengage the simulator, dog collars, dragons, dreams, edgar allan poe, explodingdog, fevers and mirrors, fight club, good night kisses, good-smelling guitar players, green eyes, groans, grocery stores, guitars, hair dye, handcuffs, harry potter, hickeys, hipbones, horse racing, horses, hugs, industrialization, kisses, licking, little known bands, local punk bands, logic and handjobs, loud music, lunchables, making out, melted candle wax, misery, moans, morgues, murder, murder by death, music, musical montages, my broken heart, nadsat, necronomicon, nibbles, nightmares, nighttime, nostalgia, painkillers, pat, peanut butter cups, photography, piercings, pikachu, pink ribbon scars, plaid, poison, porn, pretty undies, punk rock, rabid eyes, razorblade kisses, red hair, runes, saddle creek, saratoga, scars, second of june, secretariat, sellevision, showfucking, silver, skulls, sleep, snacks, snapple element drinks, snuggles, soft skin, sparky, starlight, stars, stormy days, stuff and things, sundaeism, surrealism, tattoos, tears, teeth marks, teevee, the good life, the millerenium, the smashing pumpkins, the triple crown, thoroughbred series, traffic lights, tragic perfection, trigun, vampires, vash the stampede, whimpers, whiskey, wrought iron, zero., zombies